Feel Losinj!

If you are having love problems, or you might be missing business success, the Losinj aromatherapy workshops are open for you to learn how to solve these problems with the help of soothing and healing effects of essential oils. On the first days of spring Mali Losinj Tourist Board has organized the fourth workshop on aromatherapy as part of the Fragrances and Flavors Losinj through which the island of Losinj promoted as a center for aromatherapy Adriatic.

Terrace of hotel Apoksiomen on Mali Lošinj waterfront was bathed in scent of laurel, rosemary and eucalyptus whose beneficial effects on the body, emotions and spirit was presented by aromatherapist Anamarija Pažin Morović.

Aromatic and medicinal effect Lošinj bay leaves, rosemary, eucalyptus and many other lošinj plant species, will soon be available to all the guests of Lošinj. In creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for its customers, the hotels will also include a health resort Veli Lošinj.

Island of vitality prepares a special surprise for its guests on 12th of May on the top of the island, the mountain Osoršćica, there will be a promotion of spiritual energy antistress St. Gaudencija promenade.
Third Forum on health tourism will also be appropriately held in the mountain hut, where they will prepare Aromatherapy workshops with Lošinj Aleppo pine – the protector of respiratory health. A pleasant romantic atmosphere with relaxing scents of lavender and piano music, for Easter holidays and the first of May organized by the Hotel Aurora.
Boutique Hotel Mare Mare invites all chocolate and citrus lovers to the spring tasting of this irresistible combination of sweet flavors and aromas.


Health on the Island of vitality is a strategic goal for development of tourism

The medicinal benefits of Lošinj’s climate is known since the end of the 19th century when dr. Conrad Clar an renowned balneologist revealed the value of Losinj’s climate.

Today, Losinj is proud of its natural healing factors: mild climate, 2561 hours of sunshine, thick pine forests, over 1200 species of plants, clean sea, marine aerosol, 265 species of algae, the first quality air, pollen of various aromatic plants, marine mud and all beneficial effects on many disease conditions.

We conducted a small study on the impact of natural therapeutic factors in Autocamp Čikat in Mali Lošinj. The study has shown that a stay at Camp Čikat was beneficial for its users even in relatively short period of time. Customers camping with rest and relaxation in a beautiful natural environment also had improved lung function, better breathing and more air.

Health tourism is a strategic goal for developing tourism on the island of Lošinj and Camp Čikat contributed to the achievement of this noble cause.

Free bus transportation between Zagreb-Mali Losinj

On 22 February 2011. in the city hall of the city of Mali Lošinj an agreement has been signed on co-financing free bus transportation between Zagreb – Mali Losinj – Zagreb between the town of Mali Losinj and Jadranka – Lošinj Hotels & Villas. The agreement was signed by Mayor Gari Cappelli and board member of Jadranka hoteli Damir Mlacović. The signing was also attended by Director of the Tourist Board of the City of Mali Lošinj Đurđica Šimičić.

To all guests who in the period from February 11th to April 17th 2011th decide to spend the weekend in Aurora wellness hotel in Sunny Bay, the company Jadranka Hotels – Hotels & Villas Losinj and Mali Losinj provides free bus transportation from Zagreb.

In order to extend the season, the bus from Zagreb to Losinj departs at 15.30 hours from the platform 502 every Friday from 11th February ended with the 15th April. Return trip for guests is on Sunday at 16 pm, when the bus leaves from Aurora. Price of 669 kuna per person includes two half-board in double room, with evening live cooking, free relax zone and numerous other amenities.

2nd Adrian fragrant kitchen

Adrian Fragrant Kitchen

2nd Adrian fragrant kitchen
05. – 26.02.2011.

The famous Lošinj chef Adriano Nikolic in cooperation with the Tourist Office Mali Lošinj organizes workshops on Fragrant kitchen where you can learn more about the preparation of various kinds of food, from hot and cold appetizers to fish and meat, with emphasis on the macrobiotic diet and savory and sweet dishes with island citrus.

05.02. (Saturday) – I Workshop
Mali Losinj – Hotel Apoksiomen, beginning at 16.00 pm
Topic: Cold and hot appetizers
Presentation: marinated fish with fruits and vegetables

12.02. (Saturday) – Workshop II
Mali Losinj – Hotel Apoksiomen, beginning at 16.00 pm
Topics: fish, lamb, mutton, boar, rabbit
Presentation: sea-bream in salt (island spices)
pate dry mutton

19.02. (Saturday) – Workshop III
Mali Losinj – Hotel Apoksiomen, beginning at 16.00 pm
Topic: Macrobiotic diet

26.02. (Saturday) – Workshop IV
Mali Losinj – Hotel Apoksiomen, beginning at 16.00 pm
Topic: savory and sweet dishes with island citrus

Organizer: Tourist Office Mali Losinj
Speaker: Adriano Nikolić


Aromas and Flavours of the Islands

Every year the whole month will be dedicated to the island’s medicinal plants and pot herbs, so January and February will be characterised by lemons and oranges, March by rosemary, eucalyptus and laurel, April is reserved for asparagus and Lošinj onion, May will be characterised by sage, fennel and nettle, June by Spanish broom, lavender and immortelle, July bougainvillea and mint and August oleander and medlar. In September, the fragrance program continues with days of figs and jujube. October will be characterised by myrtle, strawberry-tree and rose-hip, November by olives and December by pine and agave.

Both of the islands are giving you the variety of tipical mediteranean meals based on olive oil, mediteranean herbs lot of vegetable and home made cheese and “pršut” (local type of a home produced salami type meat). We recomend you to taste a well known lamb, speciality of the islands! And finally,when you find yourself at the island, you are just on the right place to enjoy all sorts of fish meals made on a million different ways(grilled or boiled)and taste some of the finest home made mediteranean wines.
So, what more to say but: Hungry?

No problem! The island is full of a very good restaurants. Choose one you like the best and: Enjoy your meal!

Flora and Fauna

The mild climate of the island of Lošinj is reflected in a great variety of plant species. Some 1,100 plant species, among which as many as 230 medicinal and edible wild-growing plants, have been identified. Particularly interesting are some plant species that are not typical of this latitude, such as lemon, date, banana, eucalyptus, cedar and sequoia.

Parts of natural heritage are protected as forest parks. The bestknown forest park of Čikat was planted by Ambroz Haračić, professor of the famous Lošinj Nautical School, at the end of the 19th century. A great variety of exotic plants, which can be seen in Lošinj gardens, have been
brought from other parts of the world by seamen and sea captains. In Veli Lošinj’s park, established by the Hapsburg Archduke Charles Stephen, there are some 200 different species of trees from all parts of the world.

It is significant that there are no poisonous snakes on the Lošinj archipelago. There are just lizards and non-poisonous snakes. The island of Lošinj is the habitat of geckos, small lizards of the gekkonidae family. Geckos are protected species. Killing geckos is forbidden and punished by law.

There is small game, as well as big game on the island – fallow deer and moufflons, which have been colonized in this area. There is a lot of feathered game. The birds of prey found in this area include hawks, sparrow-hawks, falcons and giant griffon vultures. Because of the small number of preserved individuals griffon vultures have been protected by law as an endangered species.

The most common domestic animals found in this area are sheep. The sheep on the rocky
pastures in the northern part of the island of Lošinj present an idyllic picture. The local waters of the archipelago abound in various fish, shellfish and molluscs, such as cuttle-fish, squid and octopus. Unlike some waters of the neighbouring countries, where they have become extinct, dolphins are frequent visitors of this area, playful and ready to make contact with humans.

Sport and recreation

Conditions for various types of recreation and sports booth onshore and in the sea are ensured on the entire Lošinj Archipelago – tenis, soccer, bowling, boccie, numerous water sports, windsurfing and sailing schools, diving and diving schoools, sport fishing, beach volley, jogging, cycling and panoramic flights.The islands provide the possibility of jogging and walking just near the sea or mountaineering and biking on marked trails, which offer magnificent views from the heights, revealing the unique nature of the island from a different perspective.